5 Actions of the Spine<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Tutorial 1928

5 Actions of the Spine
Ken Gilbert
Tutorial 1928

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Cherhine . . . yes, simplicity and clarity to movement is essential in all of the work that I do. Working with the 5 Joint Actions is a great practice - everyday. My 63 year old spine has more mobility that many of my contemporaries.
"It IS possible to "FIND" and move individual vertebra connecting the brain and skeletal system. You can find your living spine. Your spine is not deemed to live in the shadow of consciousness."
I listened to this video class twice:)  It is my intention to watch as many of Ken's Video's as I can. 
Thank you, Ken! I love your explanation of the “high point” and the imagery of the three halos...I will be using both in my rotation and lateral flexion movements in class tomorrow! Always challenging to get students to dig deep down and find the muscles around the spine...I think this will help!
Melinda . . . thank you for this. I am always thrilled that my teaching reaches someone. I continue to use the halo image in every class I teach - Pilates and Nia.
I am currently injured in my lumbar. I am grateful for this work as I can move and teach through the healing of a fracture and stenosis. I am vulnerable now, more than ever to let all movement emanate from the spine.
Ken Gilbert Yes, your teaching not only has helped me, but has been passed on to help many others! I pray your lumbar heals quickly. I have suffered from several lumbar and SI joint injuries—Pilates is what finally allowed me to live pain-free. I am thankful we are both immersed in such a healing vocation. Best wishes to you!
Melinda . . . thank you! During this challenging time it is the Pilates work that I can sustain. I miss the full freedom of moving dynamically; and, I trust that the healing will bring me to my fullest self . . . soon.
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