Three in One Flow<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 1929

Three in One Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1929

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wow. only the Patriarch of Pilates--Mr. Rael could teach three apparatuses at once. I did the chair. It felt awesome. Meredith makes it look easy. This was my first time and I enjoyed it so much it felt like a 5 minute class instead of a 50 min. class. THANK YOU!!!!
Christine B
Excellent! Love the work is replicated across the equipment
Thank you Rael, it was awesome as usual!
So much fun!
Beautiful movement ladies! Lovely.
Rael you are the ONE, you are THE BEST !!!
Thank you Marlen, I do not take your compliment lightly - much appreciated.
What an amazing flow! Loved it!
Thank you so much!
Show must go on...congratulations
Very good and enjoyable thank you Rael i felt like i took a whole studio session hoping from caddilac to chair to cadillac again:))
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