Kathy's Song<br>Blossom L.<br>Tutorial 1943

Kathy's Song
Blossom L.
Tutorial 1943

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Great ! Thanks Blossom for sharing Kathy's song ! So helpful !
Helena B
Love your teaching. And Love how Kathy's spirit shines through you when you are sharing her work. Thank you.
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Thank you all for your lovely comments. This was a hard one for me to watch. I remember it being a hard one to film. Kathy's song is very meaningful and useful to me when I am doing or teaching Pilates. I hope it helped explain some of her beautiful imagery.
Thank you for sharing these special and valuable pieces of information. I've heard you mention Kathy's song before in other tutorials but I love how you explained each segment in detail. You have such a beautiful way of presentation....your passion for Pilates and your love for Kathy is so radiant!
This is priceless! Thank you!
Seeing you demo the "song" in movement -(rolls, open leg rocker) really helped. I've known the SONG from other trainings with Kathy trained folks - this helped me to use it in pieces as you suggested - thanks so much!
I appreciate the feedback. I am glad that the song with movement was helpful. The song with movement always helped me! Long live Kathy Grant's song.
Simple visual cues which are easy to remember, thanks for singing Kathy and thanking Blossom for sharing with us.
Thank you for sharing!
Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing in such an open, honest way!
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