Kathy's Song<br>Blossom L.<br>Tutorial 1943

Kathy's Song
Blossom L.
Tutorial 1943

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Roberto Cerini
Always moving!
Just great Blossom, love it!
you've such a powerful, enthusiastic and moving way to share.
Thank you for giving your interpretation of how you think of each part of the song. It made it so much more meaningful!
Wow! Thank you Leilani, this is a wonderful, visual. It will help me in my classes.
Interesting and very moving...
I love this :) Thank you for sharing!
Florence P
Thank you Blossom Leilani Crawford Love. I think that you should add Love to your name . Great loving Tutorials!
Thanks for sharing Blossom. Your love for Kathy really shines through.
Lynn G
Lovely to hear your passion and admiration for Kathy - it really shows through. Very simple cues that are super useful. Thanks.
Thank you so much for sharing the song with us!
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