Clear and Calm Reformer<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 1959

Clear and Calm Reformer
Sally Anderson
Class 1959

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I loved this workout ! I especially liked your hamstrings cueing. In my opinion, this group of muscles can never be given too much attention ! Thanks Sally :)
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Lovely well paced class with perfect cueing :)
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Great one. Thank you very much.
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Wonderful workout and excellent cues. I hope to see more of you on PA!!!
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Sally Anderson what a delight. Loved the long spine variation, and the last long box-teaser variation. Thanks for being so lovely. Hope to see more of you!
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Thank you for a great workout Sally. It's been a while since I've "logo'd". Loved it :)
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Great workout! Great cues! Thank you Sally!
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What a wonderful class & what a wonderful instructor. Thoroughly enjoyed her and her approach. Really targeted abs and legs!
Sally Anderson
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments everyone. Lovely to hear from you all and thanks for taking the time :)
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Loved this workout so much, and the fact that you incorporate enought reps to really allow my mind to connect to my body is wonderful! Thank you Sally'
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