Playful and Challenging Flow<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 1978

Playful and Challenging Flow
Blossom L.
Class 1978

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Funny Yugonda! For the record, you have been heard and we agree! MORE!!
Thank you!
Lynn G
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Tough workout. I love the explanations of Kathy and her teachings to you. Will definitely repeat this class as I feel fabulous after it! Thank you Blossom, Jim and Kristi!
Great class!!!
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what a fantastic class! thank you Blossom, your energy and humour is positively inspiring! loved loved loved it....
Helena B
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Fabulous. Thank you! The tips for the spring placement on Snake and Twist make a huge difference for me. Also LOVE the variations on arm circles facing the foot bar and was thrilled to finally learn "Cleopatra"! (years after having a question about it on my PMA exam)
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WOW! Awesome! Really! I feel the workout! Thanks a lot!g
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Brutal, enthusiastic, and FUN all at once!
Thank you all for the lovely comments. Aurelia, I like the fun and brutal all at once description! I love to work hard and laugh even harder. Helena, I am glad the spring placement felt meaningful in your body.
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thank you for great Pilates cuing, you are getting into the movement (where you are moving from and how to get there) so much more than just the choreography (do this, do that) of the exercise...this is what i love to learn from teachers more experienced than myself...thanks for a worthwhile hour Blossom!
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Wonderful class. Great variations. You and Jim are both superstars!
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