Playful and Challenging Flow<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 1978

Playful and Challenging Flow
Blossom L.
Class 1978

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Wow! I loved this! Thanks so much for the fun but super hard class.
I love your humor and positivity. Great and challenging class. Thank you Blossom :)
kick ass blossom and jim!
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Loved all the variations of this challenging class. Great energy and sense of humor. More reformer classes please.
Just watching this class now as I look to Pilates Anytime for inspiration. Your teaching is impeccable & fun ( as always) and your student was beautiful to watch. Does he have a gymnastic background? His precision in his movements makes me think so.
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‘The Shrub’! Love this. I really don’t like the tree, but I think I could learn to like a little shrub 😂 Really wonderful class. Thank you for changing my perspective on the darn Tree.
Robin S
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OMG~ I actually laughed out loud ~ thank you for the very challenging energetic workout!! I learned a few snake and twist tricks, thanks 
Megan Y
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Love your explanations for every exercise
Cheryl Z
Thank you enjoyed every minute. I have been practicing Kathy Grant's (I am an old lady) Swan in a sequence. I have been putting on the foot extensors straps on wrong , until I just really watched you do it. Appreciate stable non moving Star. Always feel like one after your class.
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