Relax and Let Go<br>Debora Kolwey<br>Special 1999

Relax and Let Go
Debora Kolwey
Special 1999

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great i love you
Praveena C
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Such a beautiful message. Thank you!!
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Deb, your message has hit me so profoundly. You beautiful soul, you. Thank you for continuing to be my teacher. Much love to you.
Andy M
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Just fabulous. Thank you for sharing, Debora.
WOW powerful message Debora, LOVE is such a wonderful space to come from. I'm looking forward to walking the talk as I surrender and let go.....x
I just love you Debora!!
Myriam Kane
Beautiful...thank you for sharing.
Beautiful, true words. Thank you so much Debora.
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This is just what I needed to hear.
Thank you with all my heart.
Thank you. Incredibly timely.
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