Relax and Let Go
Debora Kolwey
Special 1999

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This message is beautiful as is the woman, you , Thank you for honesty and generosity... so brave !
Thank you!!!
Thank you Debora, you are special to me! -Diana (Jost)
Hang in there Mindi.
thank you to everyone who has listened and felt moved to comment. for myself, it was a huge honor and opportunity to be invited to express myself in this way. for all of you, whatever your connection to this talk, i hold you dearly, in my heart. Debora
Deb, you give so much. I love you.
Well spoken. We learn so much from our personal problems that help us to teach and help our clients in need. Good luck to you!
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why did the audience laugh when she said she thought she was diagnosed with AIDS? What is so funny about that?
Dear Anne. Perhaps the laughter was a kind of tension release on the part of the audience, as they were listening to the story, knowing that I was receiving some difficult news. I was intentionally going for a bit of humor at that point (it's okay to laugh at myself) and probably no one would expect me to say "holy shit" in public as I did. Take care, Debora
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