Inhabit Your Body
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2021

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This is one of my favourite Tutorials ! Thank you for this clear and positive 'reminder' ! Love it ! Thank you !
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Thank you! Positive mood words are so powerfull!
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Excellent .. Thank you!
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Clear, simple and so true.
Thank you !
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Again an important message here. Thanks Tom.
As a meditator and a long time pilates teacher i could really relate to everything you mentioned here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
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I am so excited to see this tutorial! I have been using proprioceptive and kinesthetic techniques for years in my pilates and spinning classes. I have taken away some new ideas from this video and I am so glad to know that I am not the only pilates instructor (I hang out with a lot of yoga teachers ) to have my students connect to the wisdom of their bodies for a true mind/body partnership.
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Very helpful to me as both an exerciser and a teacher. Thanks for the clear explanation and demonstration of your ideas.
I haven't heard about mood words before and I will be using them from now on. They make such a difference when used during a class.
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Thank you all for your feedback, wishing you all the very best.
Thank you PIlatesAnytime!
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