Methods Overview<br>Glaucia Rocha<br>Discussion 2042

Methods Overview
Glaucia Rocha
Discussion 2042

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Thank you Glaucia!
Great ! Love it!

Awesome, Glaucia!!! What a great testament!
Kristi It's really me that should be thanking you my friend!!!! I was so afraid of talking too much (as I usually do) that I ended up forgetting to say tons of things! LOL but I loved the result, I loved being there behind the scenes with all, and above all, it is an absolutely honor to talk about Lolita!!!!! I will never forget this moment!!! Thanks a lot a thousand times!
Vivi linda!!!!Obrigada!!!!
James the funny thing is that I ended up forgetting to say a lot, but it was a great experience to be there talking about her!!! Thanks a lot dear!!!
Beautifull!!!! I love your video! Totally agree with you! Lolita is amazing!!
Beautifull!!! Totally agree with you!! Lolita is amazing!!
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Great Glaucia!
estoy anciosa de conocerla, un ejemplo de vida, para disfrutarla!!
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