Stability Challenge Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2043

Stability Challenge Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2043

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I think it was a yummy class. The references; whether to suction feet or Cyd Charisse, were helpful. I especially appreciated the way you demonstrated three different versions (including what not to do) of Jack Knife. As always, I feel like you are taking care of your students. What also comes across beautifully is the inner dialogue you are having and think we might be having too!
Of course another great class Amy! I love your imagery! Feel so open and unstuck Thank You!
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Thanks, Amy ! I really enjoyed.
I really enjoyed this too. No flat spine here, but I had a happy back, despite issues, with all the wrapping! An innovative class using the overball! Thanks Amy.
Thank you really enjoyed it??
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Thank you so much ladies! I enjoy hearing from you all!
Thank you so much Tamara!! :) feel un-stuck!
I totally agree with Joni. Your descriptions of the moves are so good. Really liked the variations,too. I always enjoy your classes!
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Hi Amy,
Thank you, this lesson is great for Pilates@school with my students. I knew many of this movements, but found some new variations. Great! Looking forward to your next classes, may be we need more extension-movements, because when sitting infront of their laptops in the classroom for hours, the girls come in the PE classes with rounded spine and shoulders inwards. The the stretch at the end was perfect for them.Greetings from AUSTRIA Evi
Taghrid K
I agree with Joni and Sharon. I love this yummy class, loved the explanations and the variations. Thank you Amy for a great
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