Mat for Neurological Issues<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 2050

Mat for Neurological Issues
Mari Winsor
Class 2050

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Just lovely...a great way to feel better in just a few minutes. Mari - thank you for your encouraging and positive words!
Thanks Mari . . . I love your classes:). Wonderful full body stretch!
Thanks much for this. i do have a question. Ive got a prenatal client with pelvic pain which i can of course help with but who also has clinically isolated syndrome (similiar to MS) my worry is that when she does talk about her pain i won't have the same understanding of her own description of 'pain'.. example. in short, we do a gentle lateral stretch on the reformer and she'll say it hurts . im then unsure if its muscular or neuropathic
Tanis F
Heidi: most likely neuropathic in origin as this particular lateral stretch is involving both the central and peripheral nervous system without a lot of proprioception on the pelvis/spine. Of course the muscular component is there for sure as the nerve tissue is degenerated and the "tracking" of the nerves is causing pain response in the muscle.
She might find it much more helpful, and with the desired effect, over the spine corrector or arc!
thanks , can you offer any reformer exercises that may help? she wants to use the reformer . or if no, ill refer her back to the other equipment or mat work . thanks
forgot to ask, what about just keeping to more contracted and static positions.
Sexy cat! We loved it!
Perfect to start or finish your day. Thank you!!!!
Just the stretch I need... Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This was the perfect Pilates "stretch" class!  I loved Mari's cueing and smile and her great way to wrap the band around the feet.  I will be doing it that way from now on!.  Thank you, Mari and PA!
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