Mat for Neurological Issues<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 2050

Mat for Neurological Issues
Mari Winsor
Class 2050

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Mari Thank you !!!! I am currently working with a client recently diagnosed with MS and this is so helpful..You are inspirational and have a lovely personality !! More please !!!!
Thanks Mari! This felt great. Loved it!
Thanks for this great info. Can't wait to try it on clients
A feel-gold class for EVERY body! Thanks, Mari!
Fabulous Mari! Thank you! x
I love how naturally encouraging your delivery and cues are.
Always love a good stretch. Thank you Mari!
never seen the sexy cat stretch before - nice! You are a very natural teacher - very refreshing. thanks!
Very good stretch workout! Short and efficient.
There's nothing like a good stretch ! Thanks Mari :)
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