Breast Cancer Recovery 1<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 2072

Breast Cancer Recovery 1
Kathy Corey
Class 2072

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This was great! Thank you! Really interesting and informative, so well explained. I will implement this in the program of one of my new clients who is after breast cancer. Thank you so much, Kathy!!! I wish we had more of these kind of sessions.
Avishag Haynon, Thank you for your comment. There are two more like it coming soon. Kathy is also actively developing other programs that we hope to bring to you.
Thank you. I really see a great need for these programs. I am continuing to develop the work and I am glad to share it through Pilates Anytime.
This will really help some of my class students great class
Thank you Kathy! I am going to start seeing a new client this coming Saturday. She had a double mastectomy four years ago so I can't tell you how helpful this series is going to be for me. Thank you again for providing it
Yes,those videos are very helpful.And when will phase 3 come?
And unfortunately, I only have one mat and some bands and balls.Hope there are more work out with mat haha. Thank you.
Love these methodical approach....the phases....going for quality! thank you! sharing your work at my annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser! The alignment awareness w ball under head and knee circle - love that for ALL!
Thank you so much. The program is very important and getting the word out helps everyone.
Thanks Kathy - really enjoyable. As a 'newbie' teacher, I think many of these principles could be applied to clients regardless of breast cancer rehab or not. For instance I have a small class with older clients - thinking the pelvic clock could be performed seated in a chair for range of movement...lovely thanks!
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Thank You. The Pelvic clock sitting in a chair works very well and all our clients benefit from the deep work.
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