Reformer for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 2090

Reformer for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 2090

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Nice solid class! Good cuesI especially liked the arms in stomach massage!
Thank you Allison!! Glad you liked it!
This was my first time doing a workout session. It is very doable.
Doable is important! Thank you Tiffany
Where did you find that reformer wedge? Thanks for offering this class.
Hi David, Thanks for your comment. You can find wedges sold in PT catalogues I believe. You can also use a ball behind the back as well. I find that works just as well.
Awesome class! As always your class is so great! Your cues and the breathings are great! I especially liked the addition to the psoas stretch where you stretch your hamstrings. This class is not just baby boomers, it is great for all ages! Thank you I loved it!
Thank you Bita! Glad you liked it.
Good workout! Nice to see something for the Boomers, and everyone else who are interested in finding balance in their workouts.
Enjoyed the class, liked the reminders of more internal external rotation with footwork, and the addition of armwork with stomach massage. Great clear cueing and extra info on the actual exercise. Was really helpful. Will definitely look up more of your classes. Thanks so much.
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