Reformer for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 2090

Reformer for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 2090

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Thank you Mia! Glad you enjoyed. I love teaching it!
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Fantastic class and cues! I loved the internal rotation /parallel/external rotation footwork series and have been using that with classes all week. Plus the coordination variation on the long box into double leg stretch will be a fun challenge for my intermediate students! Thank you Risa for sharing your expertise.
Thank you Andrea! I appreciate your comment!

Marla C
Being a baby boomer, 61, I appreciated your comments and ideas of how to be more flexible. I will be revisiting this video. I'm new to this website and am hoping to find more videos for baby boomers! Thank you, Risa!
Thank you Marla! Glad my video was of help!
I enjoyed this class. I liked Stomach Massage with the wedge and the ball. I have not seen it done like this before with the props and lifting the chest in second set. Also liked the end with the almost backstroke. Thank you for all the wonderful cues.
Great class! I appreciated the pacing and cues. Some of these exercises look like they can be done on my little home "Pilates Power Gym Plus." Thank you.
This is was a very good class! I especially like the fact that I am recovering from a knee injury and could do this class as a way to get back into using my reformer in a gentle way. I feel so great! Thank you for this class!!!
Wonderful class! The pacing, cues and flow of this whole class was amazing.
Thank you Tricia!
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