Martha Graham-Inspired Mat
Diane Severino
Class 2096

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Beauty in motion...
Ah so lovely to move with flow. Reminds me of me modern dance days. Thank you so much Diane. I would kill for your legs!
Great if you are a dancer and want a stretch .Not what I thought Pilates is all about.
I love your personality and it is so catching! You were a perfect way to start my morning!
very creative. I wish I was that limber and loose. It was enjoyable to watch and I did what I could. Thank you.
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Yes yes yes!! I've searched everywhere for something like this! More please!! ??????????????
Absolutely loved the class, absolutely loved Diane. I am a dancer and Pilates teacher. Haven't done Graham technique since I was a dance student, and it reminded me of lots of great things I can incorporate into my classes. Thank you.
What a great class! Thank you.
Indeed, you do take us non dancers on a tight rope walk! One minute we ARE dancers (thank you very much) and the next we're shocked by how much work it takes to be as graceful as you are! To do all that, while offering flashbacks to the Graham dancers on the site and saying things like "scooch your scooch" forward, clearly demonstrates your skill at delivering one of the core messages of Joseph Pilates' writings, which is balancing work, rest and play. Thank you for playing Diane, my body definitely feels alive!
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