Martha Graham-Inspired Mat
Diane Severino
Class 2096

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OMG! You are just beautiful !
Love you.
Got any recommendations for the South Bay
near Redondo Beach?
Just so beautiful ! Love you.
Any recommendations near Redondo Beach?
Smiled all the way through!
Loved it, loved your personality!!!!
I loved it!! The New York personality. I have a background in Modern Dance. Will love to incorporate some of those moves into my mat classes!! Thanks Diane!!
this was great! thanks so body feels stretched happy and alive! her, she is just brilliant!
I thought ballistic bouncing was contraindicated?
Lovely contemporary class which I adored when I was a dancer nice alternative, but not sure if appropriate for those trained only in Pilates
just fabulous...thank you
I loved this! I hope there are more dancer stretch videos coming ! I loved your personality it made the streches so fun! Great compliment to the Pilates Anytime videos!!!
Diane I love you! Great fun even if I can only dream of being able to do some of the moves
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Love this class! Must have more Diane classes please:)
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