Create Power in your Body<br>Meredith R. & Kristi C.<br>Class 2099

Create Power in your Body
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2099

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Such joy to see you two teaching together. I've been waiting for this since you teasered:) at it on Facebook weeks ago. I've even done your one from a few years ago recently in anticipation of this! Hoping for more legs in the next video:)
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Thank you both. Really enjoyable. I was so engrossed the time flew bye! Loved the stretch variation with foot on the floor. amazing .
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Nice series of moves. I liked the flow of this class.
Casey, Meri made us jump in our next Reformer class... it worked my legs for sure!
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My two favourite instructors together in one great demo class. I am looking forward to integrating many of these exercises in my own reformer classes next week. Thankyou!
WOW! Thanks for playing with us and taking the time to leave your beautiful feedback. This made my day today! Kristi and I have a few more classes coming out as well so keep your eyes open for them. Love!
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Your calm cadence is so relaxing to watch! Thanks, Kristi and Meredith!
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Great class with beautiful demonstration and cueing! Thanks
Elizabeth E
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Nice class, ladies. Today is my "off day" from working out so I chose this class as a nice way to stretch, open up, and release. Im used to taking your more challenging and athletic feeling classes, so this is a nice complement. I'm not sure I would rate it as a level 2, though. Thank you!
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Great demonstration, but please please say whether springs are heavy or light rather than using colors. Which reformer were you using so I might convert the springs next time.
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