Arms for Spinal Extension <br>Debora Kolwey<br>Tutorial 2104

Arms for Spinal Extension
Debora Kolwey
Tutorial 2104

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I'm so grateful i can leave a comment as well as "like" some videos, because more often than not, I find the thumb up much too weak. This tutorial is a gem, i LOVED it !! I love your cueing, Debora, your generosity and your calm tone of voice. THANK YOU :))
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Love the focus on grounding through the limbs to facilitate spinal mobility. And wonderful explanation as to why arm strength and shoulder girdle stability (and mobility) are important for spinal health. I miss you Deb and it's great to be able to connect online.
Lov it! thanks!
You are so awesome. Thanks!!!
Your emphasis on arm strength as part and parcel to spine mobility is key. Thanks so much for sharing, and Christy was an excellent model.
Debora Kolwey
Dear Sandy
Glad you found this useful. Yes, I agree. Kristi is an excellent model and I always love working with her. I was recently at Pilates Anytime, (March 11-12). I think it takes about 3 months for new material to go online, so be on the lookout!
Like this tutorial. Thanks.
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