Arms for Spinal Extension <br>Debora Kolwey<br>Tutorial 2104

Arms for Spinal Extension
Debora Kolwey
Tutorial 2104

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Very very interesting
Thanks Debora you are a great teacher.
Many of my clients suffer wrist pain so its better take a break between the quadruped series or modify something . What your suggestion ?
Monica italia
Thank you for this one, feels great! I very much enjoy your presentations.I use as a cue the idea of a table, the table top will collapse if the legs are not supportive and strong too, a team! Love the prone 'wave'.
Thank you so much for this. Love your teachings Debra. I can feel each and every part of my spine articulating almost with your explanations. I'm going to start my group classes with spinal extension movements for a while. Love this tutorial.
Debora Kolwey
Dear Monica
You can be creative and change the angle of the series to take pressure of the wrist; even so far as to be upright against a wall, or corner, coming down the wall as is possible. One can kneel in front of a chair and place the forearms on the chair seat, (this may reveal shoulder tightness) or you could use the cadillac poles and if you have a slider bar then you have many choices of height. There are also various wedges available to take the pressure off the wrist. Thanks for your feedback and let me know how it goes! Debora
Debora Kolwey
Hi everyone
For the record, the side to side motion is called, "Donkey Wags", not "Old Grey Mare" which is the flex/extend variation. Hence the reference to Eeyore, the donkey from "Winnie The Pooh"
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Thank you Debora,
I found this tutorial so helpful! The prone wave is a wonderful way to set up for Single & Double Leg Kick. A new favorite is The Lion Drinking.. Fabulous
So many of my clients can benefit from this warm up before diving into a full workout. Thank you! Great modeling Christy.
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Love, Love, LOVE!!! Not only helpful as exercises but amazing food for thought and imagery for spinal extension and rotation. You have inspired my teaching day! Big Hug xoxo
I watched this video just before nite nite. Can't wait for morning to try it out on myself. I love your voice. I relax just listening to it!
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