Energetic Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 2138

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I smiled the whole time watching this, as usual I love your genuine style, you are so yourself, so humble too. also so strong and in tune with your body. Thank you.
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Loved this- hard work but perfect when you don't have a lot of free time
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Kristi I just keep growing in my practice with you. Thank you for your style incorporating challenge, stimulation and fun...
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Always enjoy your workouts. Good class and you always have the ability to make me chuckle. Thank you!
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OMG- I feel like i had a good night sleep with an exellant massage- full of energy, relaxed and super strong. . THANK YOU.
Terrific! Thank you all for sharing your feedback with me!
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short sweet and powerful..lovely way to begin the day
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loved it! thanks, Kristi!
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Just looked trough it. Can't wait to do this class! I love the shorter sessions 30/40 minutes. Thank you for another great class I really love this side x
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Great Challenge ! Love it :) Thank you Kristi
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