Energetic Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 2138

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Thank you for the awesome workout Kristi! My body so appreciated the challenging and creative moves you provided, with such great cues! I loved the rolling like a ball variation. Feel like a new woman!
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Love this
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….Just waht I needed…thank you so much :)
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You always have such great energy! And make me laugh during the classes, thank you thank you thank you!
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I loved the pace and the energy of this session
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Amazing class! What a great way to start a Friday morning. Thank you Kristi!
I'm so happy this class is being received so well. Thank you for sharing such positive feedback!
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First time taking your class. As a Power Pilates trainer I loved the pace, variations and challenges. I'll be back. Thank u!
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You just are the most lovely teacher to listen to - and so easy to learn from - thank you!
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Great class! Thx!
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