Playful Theraband<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2169

Playful Theraband
Meredith Rogers
Class 2169

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Great class! Loved the side work with the band, the push-up variations and the teasers with the band. It feels like reformer work, using the band for deeper stretches and accuracy. your classes!!
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good mat with thera band
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One more of "your girls" joining you for class and grateful for the excellent guidance!
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I've been having issues with videos the last two days. I got six minutes into this one and the video stopped working but the audio continued playing. This happened yesterday on another video but I got 30 minutes in, the video stopped playing, but the audio continued. Any ideas?
Experiencing the same intermittent play today.
I had the same audio issues as Aubrey. It stopped several times. Just to let you know.
I too had to back up and start the video again using "resume". Just rebooted yesterday so figured that wasn't the problem.
Same is happening to me all the time for the last two days:( also i cannot see the latest version pf the videos and have to swirtch to the old version from the start.
I have not been able to watch videos for the last 2 days. keep stopping and I get a message
error loading media file could not be played ?
Stopped part way through, cannot make any connection, please help!
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