Playful Theraband<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2169

Playful Theraband
Meredith Rogers
Class 2169

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Yes, I am also having problems, audio was out of sync with exercises being performed!!
Glad its not just my computer! Thanks for the additional comments everyone.
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Wow I really enjoyed using the band to incorporate the variety of stretches in this program. The pushup series was a bit more than I expected but I really appreciated the challenge. Thanks Mary.
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Loved it, loved it, LOVED it !! Thanks Meredith :))
Aaaaaw man! So sorry everyone had so much trouble! Hopefully it is all worked out. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me and with others. I appreciate you ALL! xxoo can't be serious about not expecting pushups in my many years have we known each other?? ;)
Hope to see you in person soon!
Thank you all for your feedback. I'm sorry there were so many issues with this video. We are trying a new video player in the hopes that it will work better than our previous one. I recommend selecting Auto if you are on the default video player so it will automatically choose the best video for you. You can also try our Alternate Video Player by going to My Account and selecting Video Player Option. It may work better for your device. If you continue to have issues, please email us at
Great class Meredith, very intuitive. As for the technical glitches ... Mercury in retrograde!
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Having a lot of problems viewing the videos lately, this one has only audio, no picture at all, other videos stop a lot, I tried lowering the video quality since internet fluctuates a lot here in India but some work ok, others do not. Very frustrating
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Thank you Meredith ?? super super super?????????????????????????
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