Refining Pilates<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Workshop 2171

Refining Pilates
Ruth Alpert
Workshop 2171

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Really appreciate your compassion and sensitivity to your students question about being graceful. This is such an important and interesting topic. I am also a larger and grace challenged woman and when my teacher said I was a "good mover" I became like DeNiro in Taxi Driver. "You talkin' to me?" It meant a lot and is one of the reasons I love this work so much. Thank you, Ruth. Love your classes and workshops.
Thank you Angela. Your comments move me, stir my heart. I bow to your teacher!
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Thank you Ruth, an observer described Pilates clients as "Butterflies". It is an honor to receive such a comment. I thank The Method for allowing us to give the gift of "grace" through thoughtful movement.
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Ruth, I always learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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Very interesting. So refreshing to watch a workshop where corrections are required -you learn so much more! Thank you
Thanks Janie!
Diane - was feeling a bit awkward about correcting on camera so your feedback is really good to hear!
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Hi Ruth-thank you for a great tutorial- yes, I agree with the above comment: I like seeing corrections as well, because I can better understand the intention of the exercise and why that particular alignment is necessary to get the most out of the movement. As a new teacher, it's invaluable information. I'm constantly learning, even while I'm teaching (My favorite saying is "you never learn anything by doing it right")
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This was fantastic, Ruth. I'm not sure I agree that some Pilates exercises may not involve and require the grace you so skillfully described--I think each does, and you touched on a powerful element of movement!
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Thoughtful workshop yet again. I love the idea of using a class to focus on being graceful.
Thanks Sabrina and Vanessa. Your feedback is lovely to hear!
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