The Golden Triangle<br>Connie Borho<br>Tutorial 2177

The Golden Triangle
Connie Borho
Tutorial 2177

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Seems like a great way to cue pelvic floor without over activating it. Looking forward to using with clients. Thank you Connie!
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"Now you have a Golden Triangle!" Yes, I do, Connie! Thank you for this!
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Very interesting cue for pelvic floor engagement. Thanks.
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Super helpful! Thank you!
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Very helpful!
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Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! I'm glad you find The Golden Triangle helpful. It has really helped me keep my loose pelvis under control!
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Delightful student!! Love the way her reactions were unscripted and I felt like I could vicariously share her experience. Maybe next time consider introducing/thanking her by name. I get it...soooo much to remember when being filmed. ;) So enjoyable to watch true interaction between student and teacher while talking to "us" out in cyber land. My favorite tutorial yet!
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Thank you, Joni! My reactions were totally unscripted, and I truly enjoyed it.
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Just watched this morning, and used the cues in my Y class this morning! Has some great responses. Seemed natural to "use" similar cues through out other exercises! Thank you..will watch over and over until I get it all down in my brain! Looking forward to more!
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I love this concept to keep the work out of the hip flexor and front thigh. Bravo Connie!!
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