Peak Total Workout System®<br>Connie Borho<br>Class 2182

Peak Total Workout System®
Connie Borho
Class 2182

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Cannot wait to do this and sooo happy:)))))
That ending tower set looks like it feels so great! Have to do that myself later today...
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What is a golden triangle?
Hi Shoshana...and anyone else wondering what I referring to when I cued "The Golden Triangle":
There will be a tutorial posted soon where I teach Sabrina how to access her Golden Triangle and just what it is. However, to put it in a nutshell: it is the connection between the inner thighs, sitz bones, and the lower belly. Also known as The Three Anchors of the Pelvis: Inner thighs activate and draw in together, sitz bones activate (not a butt clench:) and pull in together, left inner thigh and left sitz bone pulls together, right inner thigh and right sitz bone pulls together, that is the basement that then draws up and into the lower belly to connect with the scoop (which I taught last year as The Diamond in the Belly).

Thanks for watching! Look for the tutorial and my new mat class soon!
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I enjoyed your video, especially the verbal and hands-on cueing. Nice job, Connie!
Paola Maruca
I enjoyed it very much, especially the fact Connie is working with a regular student in this class and not a teacher (although we, as teachers, are and always be students as well ))))).
Sabrina, wow, great job!!!!!!
Thanks Connie for the explanation this was a awesome class, cueing, touching was all great!
The Golden Triangle tutorial shall be revealed on May 24th.
Thanks Connie!
Can't wait to see the tutorial, Kristi! And Paola, thanks! Connie's teaching is phenomenal.
Connie, you were my instructor for my Peak certification! I really enjoyed this video and love your precision and imagery.
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