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Wendy L.
Tutorial 2194

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Thank you Wendy and Jen. Great job. Wendy can you show both the back and front of Mr. Bones please. Also Wendy the video you did in your studio of now you approached this on the caddy would be so helpful to include in these tutorials. I found the video about finding the teaser on the caddy changed my approach dramatically. Thanks so much. Love you both!
Thanks so much, Lynn, I will definitely following your recommendations with Mr. Bones! I am also placing a link to the "teaser" video I did on my video blog on my website that you referred to as an assist for people who are wanting additional assist to deepen their understanding of how to build the teaser...//www.pilatescenterofausti n.com/_video_blogs/pilates_exercise s.html
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Thank you Wendy. I use that assist with many of my cliens and they cannot believe how much it changes the feel to this exercise. It's just wonderful.
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Thank you! Wonderful new insights into teaser.
thank you, Melanie...as you can see, we are using "just enough support and effort" for the movement that wakes up our innate mindful biointelligence!
Wonderful mental cues to get into the right setup. Working the back of the body to root yourself is very helpful!
Thank you, Vanessa! Yes, opening our back to breath awakens the support of our kidneys, which relax the adrenals, so Down the Back is a major way we can de-stress and cultivate our true nature!
Caroline B
This is amazing thank you ! I will watch more of your videos just found them.
Thank  you so much, Caroline!  I have been encouraging a more embodied approach to Pilates for many years, and as you are sharing, WE ARE AMAZING, when we develop more awareness of how we are approaching a movement.  That way we create deeper changes that our body can take into movement in life! 
Love the cues and connections explained.
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