Release and Freedom Mat<br>Michele Larsson<br>Class 2198

Release and Freedom Mat
Michele Larsson
Class 2198

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Thanks so much...I have been away for awhile from Pilates due to massage therapy school commitments...this class was a great to start back again! Thanks Michele, and everyone @ Pilatesanytime!
Nice workout--I feel much more limber in the back. Extra attention is paid to working each buttock separately--I never thought that was necessary, but it helps me see where my glutes are so different in strength that I'm forced to compensate. This breaks it down and makes all of that clear so I know what I have to work on.
Well paced and well thought spine exercises... I could feel each vertebra releasing the tensiĆ³n...
It is always a pleasure to learn from you. I enjoy the way you break down movement and then tie it all back together. The result, more awareness, more mobility and great effiency. Thanks!
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Nice class :) I liked the pre-saw exercise, the spine stretch forward with the ring, and all the rest really ! AND everybody's laughs !!! Thanks Michele :))
Great easy going class that bring results!
Tahmour B
That was a magic class! What an inspiring teacher Michele is! That was the best front kick I've ever done. Love the fine tuning! Thanks
Trisha Donnelly
love this class, great ideas to take and teach with, thanks.
Love and appreciate your style, Michele! Feel much more open in my lumbar spine now. Thank you so much!
Thank you for a geat class. It was refreshing to see women of mixed ages in the class. I, too, have arthritis and this was the perfect class for me. You are an inspiration!
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