Release and Freedom Mat<br>Michele Larsson<br>Class 2198

Release and Freedom Mat
Michele Larsson
Class 2198

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Michele P
The ease, grace, and humor Michele brings to a class is so lovely and inviting. This class has depth and balance and new ideas for me personally and for my students. Love the movement focus of the bones over too much muscle. Thank you!
Absolutely LOVED this class. Great spine stretch with the magic circle half way through - made me go "aaaaaah". Absolute gem of an instructor, thanks Michele
Hi Michele. This is such a great class. However, I have immense difficulty with the one leg roll up using the magic circle and straight arms. I'm not sure if it's the proportions of my body or just lacking strength, but are there any variations you could suggest? Thanks!
very nice modifications. Thank you!
Wonderful class with a lot of attention to detail,great teaching tools
Just started teaching in a new studio and they have tons of props including Magic Circles so I am incorporating some of these exercises!
I enjoyed this class. I started it with a very cranky hip which has magically relaxed after this gentle but effective choreography. Michele you make me laugh with saying that you were going to have to knock someone over. Great fun to have an unexpected giggle. Thanks for sharing your unassuming approach which gets parts moving without overdoing the effort required. You are a true master.
Julia M
Wonderful class - love your relaxed teaching style! The swan prep or warm-up (with the hip mobility and extension) was magic. Tried it with a mat class and they felt the improved mobility and I saw it. Thank you!
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