One Repetition Mat Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2201

One Repetition Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2201

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Susan B
Love the concept. I'm not at Level 3 yet... so have to skip some of the more advanced exercises. I love "classical pilates." I would love a similar class for Level 2 with 3 careful reps of each Level 2 exercise.
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Really helpful to see all of these exercises in a compact format. I like it as a quick reference for when I need class ideas. Thank you!
Loved this, Amy! So good to practice the repertoire with your great cueing and energy!
Trisha Donnelly
Thanks, need to practice more classical Pilates!!!
Loved (and felt deeply!) this 20 minute traditional Mat class :) Your cueing was right on Amy. Thank you!
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Thanks everyone.......nice to hear we enjoy a short 20 minute segment whether it's refresher for the material, or a challenge to do a 'class' in that amount of time. It's a nice option....could be a 'warm up' to a full equipment session too due to the minimal reps. Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. :)
Amy you are the best! I always look forward to your classes, you teach me so much in a calm methodical way. Then I in turn, give back to my students. Thank you.
AMY - STILL my FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR! Great strong workout.
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Amy, this class is FAB!!! I actually suggested on the forum several days ago to make classes geared like this, because as a teacher I would love to see just the flow of a class, limited reps, in a minimal amount of time!! Really helpful!! Thank you for a great session and for the inspiration. Please PA do more classes like this!! :) xx
Dominic D
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Talk about concise and effective!
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