Additional Stretching<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 221

Additional Stretching
Amy Havens
Class 221

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Tough but GREAT stretch to warm up or down . Great to start the day and to end it!
Thank you Angie.....nice to hear from you!
I just started doing pilates last week due to body ache. I am 38 and felt like 88. Ja ja ja! This concerned me "greatly" because I know many women a lot older than I not aching as much as I. My own father is 68 and lifts weights like a guy of 25. Anyway, my sister told me about pilates. My first session was the Beginners Series #1 with Niedra Gabriel. Then I moved on to Pilates in Bed with Layla Khashoggi. I was looking for some stretches and found this section. Nice complement to what I'm doing. Thank you guys soooooo much! Pain, stress and stiffness is going away.
Hi Norili.....welcome to Pilates Anytime! Keep up the great work and enjoy this process. Pilates is an amazing movement system that will add so much to your life and will absolutely help ease aches, pains and stiffness. Looking forward to hearing from you again!
Hello Norili.... As I have heard so many times, in so many different disciplines, "Movement IS Medecine". And in my estimation it can be more powerful than nearly every answer, in so many parts of your life. It is FANTASTIC that you have taken the steps to begin a more fluid and comfortable life. Congratulations! Keep it up
Another fantastic class Amy. Perfect stretches for my tied legs from skiing hard all day.
Thank you Elizabeth!!
Love this! I did it after my run. Would love more classes like this - can you recommend some?
Hi Katie! Let me take a look at the inventory of classes for more stretching segments. I have a few on the site for sure....I really like to offer some 'pearls' for us to work with. :) Stay tuned!
Karen M
This was easy to follow and perfect stretch. I have been having a little neck pain and at the end of the video you mentioned to stretch you're neck, especially if using weights and I have been using weights on my own ( light 2lb weights) for my arms. Now I will stretch better. I always get a bit of education from pilates anytime videos. Thanks!!
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