Additional Stretching<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 221

Additional Stretching
Amy Havens
Class 221

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Thank you Kam! Yes...keep stretching your neck (in all ranges) after using your hand weights....even just a few breaths in each position of a stretch can relieve any extra stress that may have crept up into the upper shoulders/neck area. Thanks for watching!!
short but effective! please add more :)
Thank you Manu. I recently had a Active Hamstring Stretch tutorial go up......let me know what you think of that. Also, if you enjoy stretching, check out some of Anthony Lett's work here on the site. Very good stuff!!
Practiced the arm workout last week but popped back to the stretching, today. The dichotomy of tough yet luxurious is present. :)
THANKS, as usual, Amy.
p.s. Loved your final comments about concentration in the room - A great reminder for us at home to stay focussed.
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Hi Christine....I must have missed your comment...sorry about that. Thank you for 'dichotomy of touch yet luxurious', ! Concentration is such an important piece of this matter where we are we have the opportunity to really tap into some fine places in mind, spirit, breath and soul! Happy Monday!
Really enjoyed this stretch session. Helped me go a little further in to the stretch than when I practice alone and I loved the hamstring engagement in the hip flexor stretch plus the lift and length to stop the body hanging. Thanks!
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Thank you Katie!
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I forgot about this great video- thank you. Although I am always tempted to take a break during the first stretch but its well worth it to power through
Thank you....glad you stuck with it!
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I've been trying to move into advanced classes and this is the perfect addition to avoid getting too sore!
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