Balance for Active Aging
Erika Quest
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Awww, Elaine! You're the best for your comment. I just came back from teaching this and MUCH MORE content at the International Council of Active Aging Conference and THIS content is so valued and important. Means the world to me that you watched, took and will utilize. Much love, Erika
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Erica, this was great! I can use this with my clients. Thank you!!!!
Thank you, Jeannene! Much love and thanks for taking the time to watch.
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Love love love your energy Erika. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion, so insightful and helpful ✨
Oh thanks, Jessica! Very special one to me having my Mom with me, too. Thanks for taking the time to watch. Much love, Erika
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Another fantastic tutorial Erika! Thank you so much for the ideas and inspiration! One question/comment; during the quadruped, your participant (mamma) was on her hands/wrists for a duration, which tends to be an issue with my active agers. Would you suggest using an additional BOSU for her hands or coming to the elbows or would that be too much instability and detract from the goal? Thanks again!!
Hey Lydia thanks for taking class! You could certainly use another BOSU if your client could benefit / handle the additional instability, but if you'd like to help bring the floor closer, think of possibly using a long box from a reformer, or something of that nature, and placing the forearms down. Hope that helps and much love, Erika
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Thank you, great class!
Aw, thanks Caroline! So wonderful to know that you enjoyed! Much love, Erika
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Thank you very much, loved the explanation and I find these variations very inspiring for my active age clients. 
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