Athletic & Powerful Reformer<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 2212

Athletic & Powerful Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 2212

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Erika is back!!! I've not watched or tried the class yet but wanted to show my appreciation early on xxx ??????
Erika Quest
Thank you Megan! Hope you enjoy it when you take it WITH ME!!! This is the first class I've actually shot on the reformer and DONE with you at the same time.
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Wow!!!!!!!!! This awesome, thank you very much.
Bravo!!! This class had everything. It's difficult to say what I liked best because I loved it all! Everything flowed seamlessly together and you are a great instructor. I enjoy your classes. Thank you:)
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Thank you! Nice total body training.
Erika Quest
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Thank you ZA, Anne-Marie and Vicki! I REALLY appreciate the feedback because it is SO important to me to bring workouts to PA that members (myself included) LOVE! All my best, Erika
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Erica the fluid nature and creativity were the most outstanding parts of this class. I think this is the best way I feel when i take a class in PA:)) it would be great to have longer reformer and cadillac sessions. Looking forward what to come. Thank you again.
Love this contemporary, fun workout. Thank you for letting your light shine.
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Thank you Erika! That was a wonderful challenging workout. And I was sweating, too! Loved all the unilateral work. Did the class yesterday, and I am feeling my lats and obliques the most.
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Probably because I was holding on to my newspaper while planking! That was a great clue - passed it on to my clients already.
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