Athletic & Powerful Reformer<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 2212

Athletic & Powerful Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 2212

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YES! E Dawg and P dawg back in action! Can't wait to do this one!
You're a great teacher!I love alL your new ideas. Tranks a lot.
Erika Quest
I'm LOVING these comments! THANK YOU! Keep them coming and thanks for your support and watching. Much love!
Erika Quest
Thank you, Patrizia!
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Bravissssssimaaaa!!! thank you!!!
Amazing! I did this class with you yesterday Erika. I love your energy, humour and your wonderful cueing. Such a challenging workout but invigorating, fun and as always super creative. More E- Dawg reformer classes please!
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Loved it Erika! Great Job. Creative ways to do some of the same things. Can't wait to use it with clients! Thank you so much.
Erika Quest
YAY, Megan! Thanks so much for taking the time to take class with me! I love to cue, but truth be told I was sweating and trying to keep my breath ... so thanks for still loving it! I'll be back up to film more in August for a special population, but I'll see what I can sneak in for you! Thanks again and much love!
Erika Quest
Thanks so much, Laura and Sandra!!! I appreciate you taking class with me and enjoying. Much love!
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Love this flow! Thank you Erika
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