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Athletic Core Conditioning
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Class 2213

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Loved it! I did it with handweights- about 2,5 kilos ... And i also tryed using the teraband. WHOLA!!!! I activeted my arms, shoulders and back more
Love from Norway
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I didn't think i had the energy for this today, but i made it to the end !! Thanks for "kicking my assets" Portia, and for making me feel so strong !! And for the flow, and creativity, and enthusiasm, as always :))
Brenda B
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Great class! Thanks, Portia!
Brenda B
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You're such an inspiration!!!
Thank you!
Thank you for this great class, Portia -- loved the functional movement and your sense of fun!
Just love when Portia visits and teaches a class. She truly kicks your butt, but smiles while doing it.
Thanks so much!
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Really fun class. Lots of nice new challenges to make it interesting too. Thanks Portia
Awesome Tuesday morning workout with my favourite ladies! Thank you Portia, Amy and Erika!
Good start for a happy day! :)
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nice sequences

EUGENE from China
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so glad you enjoyed the class Heikki! happy days ahead...
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