Athletic Core Conditioning<br>Portia Page<br>Class 2213

Athletic Core Conditioning
Portia Page
Class 2213

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That was a little different from what I had expected, but I nevertheless liked it and feel good! Thank you, Portia!
Valentina - Vali
Wow..this was not so easy :)
Loved it! Thank you Portia Page :)
Zeynep S
Very very tough series which becomes an entertaining game with Portia’s lovely attitude. Very good to get stronger.
Jisoo C
Genius Portia! Thank you!!😍
beautiful class! 
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Great exercise for body as well as mind, to keep up with some fun moves. Thank you so much! :)
This was such a fun and original class!! Thanks for the diversification in the workout
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