Magic Circle Love<br>Meredith R. & Kristi C.<br>Class 2216

Magic Circle Love
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2216

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These are becoming my favorite videos. Both you and Meredith are so fun to watch! Creativity in action! Love the challenge using the ring with everything. Crazy hard!
You are a great team together! Very challenging class. I always look forward watching your new videos whether it is a beginner or an advance class. Keep up the very good work!
Annie G
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The 2 of you together is great!!!! keep them coming. Love love love
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Thank you ladies :)) great work again.
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Cute but I would appreciate a little more pre planning before team teaching. Or edit out the,"I don't know what we'll do next. What should we do and how?" Moments.
Thanks Pele! Meredith and I are so ingrained to teach in "blocks" via the BASI Pilates system that when it comes to the next block we realize (and often mention) we have a specific set of exercises to choose from that fit that block. In other words, theres a warm up block, foot work block, abdominal block, Leg Springs etc... and within those blocks we allow ourselves the freedom to choose the exact exercise we'll teach to each other (and you) based on the level and experience we are having in the moment. Our structure is pretty constant, but our intent to play and respond to each other is also part of the point in these classes. I also hear that our questioning of what comes next may be frustrating if taken as if we are improvising completely so we'll try to better with that. Thanks again!
HI Dilek, Please tell us what it is that you are questioning.
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Cute with a good warm up by Meredith. However, I'd appreciate more pre-planning before team teaching vs improv. Or if you could edit out the parts where both of you are thinking of what to do next/ deciding and agreeing on the next move. For a smoother experience.
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Kristi and Meredith, is it possible to film a duet on towers? That would be a great birthday gift for me in July:)))))
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