Magic Circle Love<br>Meredith R. & Kristi C.<br>Class 2216

Magic Circle Love
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2216

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Well that was fun! Going to try it on the tower before taking it to reformer- see how it translates. Thanks!
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Ahhh love the magic circle (or ring of fire or circle of life depending on your mood or where you are in the class!). Great instruction, cueing and feedback throughout with a lighthearted real attitude. You ladies are great!
good one!
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Really fun working out with you both! Loved the creative thinking that goes on when such great movers get together!
good timing, have been into utilizing the circle this week...
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Fun workout, like the casual approach to some very challenging moves, felt like Free-time Friday in the studio.
Thank you ladies!
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Good reminder of BASI block system! : )
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Great,great class ladies!
Miss u both
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Thanks for the sharing the fun - the workout felt great! I appreciate that it is unedited and ad lib. It shows the thoughtfulness that goes into decision making. Great teamwork!
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LOVED it!! And LOVED the spontaneity :)
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