Dance, Yoga, & Mat Fusion<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2235

Dance, Yoga, & Mat Fusion
Courtney Miller
Class 2235

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Looks great cant wait to try this:))
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Excellent class. Thank you!
There YOU are!!
I'm smiling even BEFORE beginning your class. )))))
YOU are one of my top 3 instruc.
Better then expected!!!!! Love it!!!!
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I am already putting this in my "favorites" and I haven't even taken it yet! SOOOO EXCITING!
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This for me embodied the joy of movement.
More like this!
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And I thought I was in good shape? What do I know anyways!
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level 2/3 + accelerated + Courtney = a LOT of work + LOT of fun . Did I say a LOT of work? I saw this new class posted last night and was eager to try it in the morning and thought I knew what I getting into. Kudos to you brave ladies for being filmed doing it!!! (Thank you Amy...I used you as my model as much as Courtney)
Wowww ! Now that's a workout !!! Love it :)
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HONESTLY--The Woman is a GENIUS. I LOVE THAT WORKOUT. I currently can only get through 40 minutes of it but that was the most Rejuvenating, awakening 40 minutes of my day so far. I had a 19 month old climbing on me during the bridge and butterfly moves and 4 other little kids hanging out next to be, coloring and encouraging me. "Wow, Mama, you're getting fit already!". I LOVE that workout. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! It's really, really Truly Fantastic. I can't wait to keep getting better at it!!!! FAN! TAS! TIC! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
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