Dance, Yoga, & Mat Fusion<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2235

Dance, Yoga, & Mat Fusion
Courtney Miller
Class 2235

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Wow, I am still in my 15 day free trial and I love Pilates Anytime! I recently moved from U.S. To Tulum, Mexico and I can't find Pilates classes, so this website is a beautiful thing for my Pilates loving self! Wonderful class, that kicked my butt! Gracias!
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Omg!! This was NO JOKE! I was sweating bullets within 20 minutes into it. I had to pause a lot! Definitely a tough one, but a great one. Hopefully I'll improve!
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Really enjoyed this! :) It reminds me of the best of Ellen Barrett but more challenging!
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Love this and the music. Where can I get the music?
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Whow so much energy.
I love it...functional workout in a Pilates class will kill me
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Really enjoyed
Teresa D
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Very good workout. Love the flow
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I love this class from the begin, and the music, wow..super
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Kimberly, even if you do find Pilates classes in Tuluum...they won't offer the innovation and variety available on PA. I have been using this site since the summer of 2010 in Guadalajara. Bienvenida a Mexico y a Pilates Anytime. Buenas opciones..ambas!!
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Wow! I can't say enough great things about this class. The music, the pace, the energy and the flow were all incredible.
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