Modifications for Mat Class<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 2236

Modifications for Mat Class
Madeline Black
Tutorial 2236

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thank you Madeline, after breast cancer, I do not have the strength I used to have, and the modifications are so helpful in restarting the plank position without losing form.
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These were very useful "baby get-up" and also the wall push-ups.
Thanks, they will be used with at least 1 person I have in my LA Fitness class tomorrow.

what about knees problem ? i have clients who can get there weight on their knees.
Madeline Black
Hi Oryan, Knees can be a big hinderence, I agree. These clients A) probably should not be in a mat class B) work on the table or raised mat so that they do not have to bend the knees or place weight on them. Pilates teachers are some of the most inventive people when challenged with a physical limitation, so use your creative gifts!
thank you Madeline! :)
Lisa L
What size physio balls did you use in the video? These modifications are great!
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Thank you for this useful post. I have a question regarding the position of the elbows in quadruped push-ups. Should we keep the elbows close to the body or in the same position as the wall planks and push-ups?
Madeline Black
Hi Burçin, watch how the shoulder girdle and humerus relate to one another as you or the client moves into the push up. The angle of the humerus will vary slightly, more in or out, depending on the person. You want to see that the scapula maintain their contact on the ribcage and not adduct. Hope this helps!
I had a scapula that would "wing" each time I did a push-up. I now do push-up + to strengthen the serratus anterior and it more closely links my scapula to the rib cage.
HI Madeline Black , thanks for this tutorial. I know it's been a while since this first posted but I was hoping you could tell me your source for the small wedges you used. The larger ones I have are discontinued and have been looking to have them custom made, but I think your smaller ones would be better for storage and ease of use. Thanks!
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