Modifications for Mat Class<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 2236

Modifications for Mat Class
Madeline Black
Tutorial 2236

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Madeline Black
Hi Jill The wedge pillows are from Bed bath and Beyond!
Helen S
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fantastic video. so many of us just avoid Pilates altogether because of our limitations. thanks for a way in
Tereza N
I have knees problem. I cannot be on my knees at the moment. Are there classes for me?
Tereza N ~ There are many classes you can take! We have a filter under anatomical focus for knees that will help you find classes to strengthen the muscles around your knees. Also, many of our Mat classes don't require you to be on your knees as well as our standing and seated classes (using a table chair as a prop). If you need help finding specific classes, please email us at
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