Improve Stability & Control<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2238

Improve Stability & Control
Madeline Black
Class 2238

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Some great rehab exercises here - scap and hip stabilisers in particular
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omg, I have died and gone to pilates theraputic heaven. i am an active 52 year old with a 4 year thr with a total bi lateral knee replacement scheduled for August. This will be my go to class. Thank you.
Eric C
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Great to see programming emphasizing side lying/lateral challenges & frequently changing of body positions relative to gravity.
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I'll be doing this one often..thank you!
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YAY! A new Madeline Black Video!!Loved this class. Thank you for all of the wonderful moves! Getting ready for a total hip replacement and my back keeps going out. So this was exactly what I needed today!!! Back to basics with your incredible guidance. I feel so lucky to have your expertise in my own living room! It's like I just had a good PT session!
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Loved this class!
Alexandra L
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Excellent fundamental session with Madeleine Black. Extremely useful approach for many of my beginner beginners but useful for us all. Wow, thank you for a creative class filled with modifications to be used immediately.
Donna B
Managed to do this with help from a toddler! Thank you!!
Love how this Madeleine Black really thinks outside of the box to bring the fundamentals of Pilates to a less mobile population. I work with an extremely diverse population and am always researching new ways to motivate and challenge my clients who face limitations in their workouts. Recently, I discovered the Tye4 apparatus developed by Physicalmind institute. Sceptical at first, I've quickly come to to realize how this "wearable apparatus" has transformed mat and standing excersizes for my clientele. I have clients begging for more videos with Tye4 for home practice, so when I watched this video, all I could think about is how much more effective it could be with the client wearing Tye4. This would also allow for fewer props and greater flow. Once again, I'm incredibly greatful for this site and instructors like Madeleine who continue to create innovative workouts.
Berit R
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I love your teaching. Thank you
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