Wunda Chair Exploration<br>Jonathan Oldham<br>Class 2244

Wunda Chair Exploration
Jonathan Oldham
Class 2244

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Great class! Thank you for the detailed cueing and spring description for the various movements.
Loved this Level 2 class. Thank you!
Love these variations!
Thank you for sharing your teaching.
- I appreciate your attention to detail in teaching to the bodies in front of you while simultaneously teaching - really teaching - the audience.
- "Substance not Strain" is another great cueing phrase to teach the balance between effort & relaxation as well as a guide for spring choices. Thank you.
- I love that you encourage students to self-palpate/use manual cues to inform their practice. So important on so many levels.
Thank you Jonathan. I really enjoyed your class! I'll check out your other classes!
Thank you Jonathan! Loved the class and loved watching Karen and Erin work-thank you for demonstrating how Pilates can be for every body and all ages. They were awesome
Very great!! I have a home chair but the cues helped. Working up to studio line one day :)
Thank you very much for the class! Love it!
thanks jonathan!
4 months after rotator cuff surgery and i could do everything except high frog and upside down push up, hooray!
thanks also for the reminder about the light springs.....
Very good class. I do not have a studio weight chair so the over chair made my chair tipsy lol and the high frogs I need more air lol. ;) I saved this in my perm que.
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