Wunda Chair Exploration<br>Jonathan Oldham<br>Class 2244

Wunda Chair Exploration
Jonathan Oldham
Class 2244

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Thank very much for the great class,cueing and spring description.
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This is the first class of yours that I have watched. Really enjoyed it and was exactly what I was looking for! I loved seeing a different way of approaching the chair !
Enjoyed the class! Thanks a lot ??
Thanks Jonathan! I enjoyed this class. I could definitely sense your TPC and Fletcher training. You have melded them beautifully into becoming your own Teacher. Thanks you for a nice morning wake up to my body and the chair.
Thank you all for your kind comments. I was fortunate in that I had some fantastic students for the class...
Thank-you for a really good class. Clear, precise instruction and thank-goodness clear instructions around Spring use - hurrah!
Great class jonathan!
Awesome class!! Thank you!
Just came across this great class - really enjoyed it. I have one query on springs - I'm on the split pedal combo chair, which I believe is one of the chairs being used. In Kristi Cooper's video #547, she mentions specifically never have one spring on high and one on low or you will lose tension altogether, so always have them one spring apart (at 12:37). On your cuing you suggest one black high, one low. Is this okay? Have I misunderstood?
Dear AilsaB,
Thank you for your kind message. I would always defer to Kristi C for correct equipment set up for safety and proper tension.  There is so much variation in equipment out there, especially with Pilates chairs, I think it is important to just explore what works with your specific model. I would definitely follow Kristi's advice if she was giving specific cues for spring setting for your chair. It has been a while since I gave this class, but I think I use the term: "Substance not strain." What I mean by this is that you want to have enough spring tension that the equipment stimulates a sense of muscle contraction, but not so strong that you have to strain any one part of your body to open the spring. It's all about exploration. Thank you again for your thoughtful message. Yours truly, Jonathan
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