Lower Body Burn<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 2248

Lower Body Burn
Tracey Mallett
Class 2248

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Nice workout ! Very challenge ... Thank you !!!
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Tried some of these standing moves in class which some members found challenging and a change made the class more enjoyable - simple and enjoyable
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Nice short workout but definitely heart rate up by end. Nice cueing
Thank you so much so glad you enjoyed this short workout which is great when you are tight on time
Margherita S
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Did it again, loved it even more
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Great, lovely teacher. I love the smiles and the sneaky laugh after 8 more. Great AM class, we need more like this Pilates Anytime. Thank you.
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This is a nice addition to my BootyBarre practice. I enjoy the full body integration with your deliberate pacing. The various angles you demonstrate in front of the camera make it simple to see the activity. Perfect length for a much needed "quickie"!
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Added a few weights to some of the exercises and it was awesome! Thank you! Just what I needed
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Loved this!!! Thank you
Bianca B
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Love this workout! Short and to the point!
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